Global Wellness is a diversified business house having presence in different sectors.
Our key businesses are:

Bike Kit

A company specializing in all bike related products especially focused on the delivery & logistics market. Our product & services include LED Boxes, Delivery Bags, Fleet Management Solution (Tailor made for bikes) etc.

Brain Giggles

“Brain Giggles” caters to children of all ages by bringing a unique portfolio of items. The main objective is to have products which provide proper EDUTAINMENT to every child.
Our brand aspires to become a preferred choice for parents who would see our products more as an investment rather than a wasteful expense!

Fx Pure

'Fx Pure' specializes in manufacturing pure BIS - Hallmarked Gold (995) & Silver (999) coins. We have a vast range and attractive designs meant for multiple purposes like personal gifting, corporate gifting, occasion celebration etc.
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